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Our Process

We follow a dynamic, vibrant process that is designed to fit you and your needs. As you and your circumstances change, we adapt with you. Take a look at our approach:

1) Discovery

We start by seeking to understand you, where you’ve been, what you’ve done so far and how your experiences have shaped your conditions. We hope to gain a deep understanding of your needs.

2) Client Goals

Once we understand where you’re starting and where you’ve been, we invite you to identify and share your goals. Whether you’re hoping to retire early, prepare your estate, travel the world or fund charities, we want to understand what your ideal future looks like.

3) Assess your Portfolio

In helping you to start working towards your goals, we take a careful look at your portfolio. We identify what’s working well and what you might consider changing, and we offer alternative courses of action.

4) Create and Implement a Plan

We evaluate your goals, your needs and your current financial circumstances, and we integrate appropriate alternative solutions to help you get on track for a strong financial future. We provide clear, common-sense information and guide you in making educated financial decisions that can help you reach your goals.

5) Monitor and Revise

Creating a plan is only the beginning! We are here to help you stay on track for the long term by maintaining regular contact while providing support and feedback on your progress. As needs or goals change, we make adjustments to your portfolio so that your plan continues to serve you effectively.

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